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CLE SEO make sure to fulfil the modern and ever-changing requirements of the search engines. Technical SEO allows better crawlability for websites. Actually, Technical SEO refers to build up Internal Structure of website.

Technical SEO includes following main things:

HTTPS/ Website Security
Better Sitemaps

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    As google updates its algorithm 1-2 times a day so technical audits are mandatory to be aware of those updates. CLE SEO with the right strategy will maintain your site’s Infrastructure and maximize your ranking in google as well as in other search engines through internal link building which in turn will generate leads and sales.

    Technical SEO mainly includes the following things that are listed below:

    Reducing File Size Images
    Clean Code
    Minimize Redirects
    Employing Browser Caching
    Refining Server Response Time
    Updating Meta Data
    Removing Duplicate Content
    No indexing & Redirects

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